Verizon lets you add a second number to your existing phone for just $10 per month

Verizon has announced a new option, which lets you add a second phone number to the same phone for just $10 extra per month.

It’s called Second Number and it’s pretty self explanatory, though note that if you get a Second Number after June 5 it will be $15 per month as that’s when the promo pricing of $10 expires. The plan will give you unlimited talk and text in the US, Mexico, and Canada on your new, Second Number. Data services will be supplied by your primary line, so there’s no data allowance here.

This works on Dual SIM devices, be those physical Dual SIM phones or ones with one physical SIM slot and support for eSIM. When you upgrade your device to a new one with such capabilities, the Second Number will automatically transfer too.

This is available online and in stores for all new and existing Verizon consumer postpaid customers. It’s apparently tailor made for those “operating side gigs”, or who are replacing landlines, or who want a special number just for family. Now they don’t have to get a second phone for that, and they don’t even need to spend that much more each month.



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