Revolutionizing IoT Connectivity with Remote eSIM Activation Services

In a significant advancement for the Internet of Things (IoT) sector, Telit Cinterion has announced its collaboration with Thales. This partnership leverages Thales Instant Connect (TIC) services to offer remote eSIM activation capabilities for IoT modules. Designed to cater to industrial devices such as smart meters, security apparatus, healthcare monitors, and payment systems, the integration facilitates instant global IoT eSIM activation.

This breakthrough solution comprises a Thales eSIM integrated with a TIC client, dramatically simplifying the rollout and maintenance of IoT devices by enabling instant cellular connectivity upon device installation or even during in-field operations. The initiative is set to reshape the installation process and supply chain logistics associated with IoT by offering a streamlined, efficient, and flexible approach to maintaining consistent connectivity.

Aidon, a top-tier smart metering firm, is at the forefront of adopting these innovative services, demonstrating the practical value that Telit Cinterion’s eSIM provisioning services can bring to the market. By integrating Thales technology within Telit Cinterion modules, businesses gain immediate connectivity upon unboxing, moving past the constraints of available mobile networks.

The solution breathes agility into IoT device deployments by allowing manufacturers and service providers to defer their choice of connectivity provider until post-manufacture or throughout the deployment phase. For deployed devices, this adaptability ensures that connectivity can be maintained, even during unforeseen cellular network disruptions. Crucially, this adaptability proves to be a boon for devices operating across diverse geographical regions, ensuring a smooth engagement with local network operators.

With the integration facilitating swift market entrance for IoT connected products, companies find themselves better positioned to capitalize on digital transformation opportunities pivotal to IoT’s potential. The forward-thinking solution by Telit Cinterion and Thales has set a new industry benchmark, marrying operational flexibility with the dynamic demands of IoT connectivity.

FAQ Section

What is the purpose of the collaboration between Telit Cinterion and Thales?
The collaboration between Telit Cinterion and Thales centers on enhancing IoT connectivity. They’re leveraging Thales Instant Connect (TIC) services to offer remote eSIM activation capabilities for IoT modules, primarily targeting industrial devices to ensure they can instantly connect to cellular networks globally.

How does the eSIM activation capability benefit IoT device deployment?
This technology allows instant cellular connectivity for IoT devices upon their installation or during in-field operations. It streamlines the rollout and maintenance process and provides flexibility for selecting connectivity providers post-manufacturing or throughout the deployment phase.

Which sector has adopted this new eSIM provisioning service, and what is its practical value?
The smart metering sector, with Aidon being a key adopter, has rapidly implemented this new service. It offers considerable practical value, enabling immediate connectivity upon unboxing and eliminating dependency on available mobile networks.

Can this eSIM solution adjust to changes in cellular networks?
Yes, the solution enables adaptability for maintained connectivity, even during unexpected cellular network disruptions. This is particularly valuable for devices spanning multiple geographical regions, facilitating seamless engagement with local network operators.

Are there any additional benefits to using Telit Cinterion’s eSIM provisioning services?
Besides providing instant connectivity, this integration simplifies manufacturers’ and service providers’ logistics and supply chain process. It also ensures that businesses are better positioned to harness digital transformation opportunities within the IoT.


eSIM: An embedded SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) that allows devices to connect to a cellular network without requiring a physical SIM card.

IoT (Internet of Things): A network of physical objects—devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items—embedded with sensors, software, and connectivity to enable the collection and exchange of data.

Connectivity Provider: A telecom service provider or carrier that offers network connectivity services to allow devices to communicate over a cellular network.

Smart Meters: Electronic devices that record and transmit electrical (or other utility) consumption for billing and monitoring purposes.

Remote eSIM Activation: The capability to activate an eSIM remotely without manual handling or physical presence, facilitating instant network connectivity.

Thales Instant Connect (TIC): A service by Thales Group that enables instant connectivity for eSIM-equipped devices as soon as they are powered on and in network coverage.

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