Peloton’s oldest bike tablet will be cut off from classes in a few months

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Just like all gadgets, even tablets solely devoted to fitness will eventually meet their software demise. That time is rapidly approaching for Peloton’s first-gen bike tablets, known as Quartz. Peloton sold these first-gen bikes between 2013 and 2016. The company already cut off software updates for the early touchscreens back in 2019. But now, as reported by Pelo Buddy, the hammer is coming down, and Peloton will completely cease support for the tablets in June 2024. If you don’t make a move by then, you won’t be able to access classes anymore, leaving “Just Workout” as the only feature that will still work.

So what’s a budget-conscious Peloton devotee to do? Well, there are a couple of options to choose from. Affected customers can take advantage of an exclusive $500 discount on the modern Bike Plus. If that’s way outside the scope of what you’re willing to pay, Peloton is also offering a much more modest $50 off a replacement 22-inch touchscreen tablet, which would bring that price to $325.

Per Pelo Buddy’s report, an email going out to those impacted has a promotional code for the newer screen, but if you want to jump on that cheaper Bike Plus offer, you’ll need to fill out a Google form and wait for the company to get in touch. There’s an FAQ page on the situation here that explains how to identify which tablet your bike has.

Peloton’s reasoning for sunsetting all support for the tablet basically translates to “it’s just getting too damn old. What do you want from us?”

The technology is now 10 years old and we are no longer able to provide a full user experience due to system constraints and limitations. We have a variety of new features you will be able to enjoy after upgrading, including Lanebreak, leaderboard updates, and our most recent home screen with personalization.

People have tried flashing Android onto the abandoned Peloton tablet to give it a second lease on life. But if you’re not the hardcore tinkerer type, it’s probably best to just settle for one of the two paths that the company is providing.

Peloton is continuing to focus on the long-term sustainability of its business and the expansion of its subscription service beyond the company’s own hardware. It just took a big step by enabling its app to work with third-party treadmills. So consider that as yet another option if your aging Bike has given you years of good classes — except for a rough Thanksgiving.


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