Overview of the Corsair H100i Elite Capellix

The Corsair H100i Elite Capellix is a high-performance all-in-one (AIO) liquid CPU cooler that has gained popularity among PC enthusiasts and gamers for its cooling efficiency and RGB lighting capabilities. It combines advanced pump design, premium magnetic levitation fans, and a substantial 240mm radiator to ensure exceptional heat dissipation. The inclusion of Corsair’s Capellix LEDs delivers vibrant and customizable lighting effects, making it a go-to choice for builders seeking performance and aesthetics in their computer setups.

Key Features and Performance

Corsair’s H100i Elite Capellix includes several standout features that contribute to its effectiveness and appeal. It is equipped with a split-flow copper cold plate and a high-density stack of 128 micro-skived fins-per-inch, which work together to absorb and disperse heat from the CPU quickly. The cooler is powered by a low-noise centrifugal pump that delivers a strong flow rate while maintaining quiet operations.

In addition to its cooling properties, the H100i Elite Capellix’s RGB lighting is one of its signature traits. It integrates 33 ultra-bright Capellix LEDs on the pump head, each of which is individually addressable, allowing for a multitude of lighting effects and color customization.

The accompanying Corsair iCUE software enhances the user experience by providing control over both cooling performance and RGB effects. Through iCUE, users can adjust fan and pump speeds, set up lighting profiles, and monitor system temperatures.

Installation and Compatibility

The H100i Elite Capellix is designed for a straightforward installation process. It includes a modular, tool-free mounting bracket compatible with most modern AMD and Intel CPU sockets. The magnetic levitation PWM fans, ML120 RGB, provided with the cooler support precise control of fan airflow and speed, which can be adjusted through the iCUE software for optimal balance between cooling performance and noise levels.

Customer Experience and Reliability

Feedback from users often highlights the H100i Elite Capellix’s reliability and cooling performance. The AIO cooler’s build quality and five-year warranty are indications of Corsair’s confidence in the product’s longevity and durability. The combination of advanced cooling technology and striking RGB makes it an appealing choice for users looking to enhance both the functionality and appearance of their PC.

FAQ Section

What is an AIO liquid CPU cooler?
An AIO liquid CPU cooler stands for All-In-One liquid CPU cooler, which is a pre-built, closed-loop system that circulates coolant through a pump, radiator, and connected hoses to draw heat away from the CPU and dissipate it through the radiator.

How does the H100i Elite Capellix connect to my PC for RGB control?
The H100i Elite Capellix connects to your PC via USB and is controlled using the Corsair iCUE software, which allows you to customize the RGB lighting and monitor your cooling system’s performance.

Is the H100i Elite Capellix compatible with all CPUs?
It is compatible with most modern CPU sockets from Intel and AMD. However, it’s always best to check compatibility with your specific processor socket before purchasing.

Can I control the fan speed of the H100i Elite Capellix?
Yes, fan speed can be controlled through the Corsair iCUE software, allowing you to find the right balance between cooling performance and noise.

What warranty does the H100i Elite Capellix come with?
The H100i Elite Capellix comes with a five-year warranty from Corsair, reflecting the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

For more information and a deeper dive into the product’s specifics, you can visit the official Corsair website at corsair.com.

Please note that the information provided here may be subject to changes with new product updates or as newer models are released. Users should consult the manufacturer’s website or contact customer service for the most current information.

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