OpenAI will open its custom ChatGPT store next week

The OpenAI logo.

After delaying its launch, OpenAI’s GPT store is almost ready to open for business.

GPT Store, where users can sell and share customized AI agents based on OpenAI’s large language models, will officially launch next week, OpenAI said in an email to people signed on as GPT Builders. The email asked users to double-check that their GPT creations meet brand guidelines and reminded people to make their GPTs public.

Email from OpenAI on GPT Store

Email from OpenAI on GPT Store

OpenAI first announced at its November developers conference that it would let other people build AI agents, called GPTs, using its GPT-4 large language model. It’s only available to ChatGPT Plus and enterprise subscribers and lets people create customized versions of ChatGPT-style chatbots, ranging from one explaining Gen Z memes to one that guides people through negotiations. While custom GPTs built by OpenAI are available through the explore tab of ChatGPT Plus, the store would let users share and monetize their GPTs. OpenAI has said it plans to figure out a way to pay GPT creators based on how much their AI agents on the store are used, but it has not released any other details about the plan.

The store was initially supposed to launch in November, but it had to be delayed, as OpenAI had a very busy month firing CEO Sam Altman and then rehiring CEO Sam Altman. The date slipped to December, then was postponed again.


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