Here’s Apple’s new ad for the Vision Pro headset

Apple made the Vision Pro headset official last June, following years and years of rumors about such a product. On January 19, the company finally started taking pre-orders, with initial shipments scheduled for February 2. In the meantime, however, the shipping estimates have slipped into weeks, given the headset’s popularity – it’s estimated that over 180,000 units have been pre-ordered.

So clearly, people are intrigued by the Vision Pro. While it may not be a mass-market product yet, with its price and convoluted ordering procedure, it’s definitely making a lot of people interested. Now Apple has come out with a new ad for the headset. Here it is:

Apple says the Vision Pro lets digital content blend seamlessly with your physical space, creepy as that might look. Also, “you can do the things you love in ways never before possible”.

While the Vision Pro is expensive, Apple has been rumored to be working on a more affordable version. This is likely to arrive sometime next year and with it mass market adoption may come. The cheaper option will be called Vision or Vision One, and it could sport lower-tier screens and a less powerful chip.


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