End of an era: HMD is dropping its Nokia branding for smartphones

Human Mobile Devices (HMD Global) will start selling its own devices without the Nokia branding marking an expected end to Nokia Mobile smartphones. The news was shared by HMD which is also teasing its upcoming product portfolio of devices. These include smartphones, tablets and wireless earbuds with rumors suggesting we may see the first HMD-branded smartphones at MWC Barcelona which is taking place February 26-29.

HMD’s official website states that the Finish company are the “Makers of Nokia phones” which may imply upcoming Nokia branded feature phones.

Teaser for an updated Nokia 3310 with 5G support

Teaser for an updated Nokia 3310 with 5G support

HMD plans on bringing tough, fun, secure, fast, and affordable new phones. Most of the current Nokia branded smartphones and tablets are on discount while supplies last. Nokia Corporation is still a global leader in network equipment and is a leading patent licensor in the mobile tech space with over 6,000 patent families essential to 5G.


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