Best Sailing Catamaran of 2020: A Comprehensive Guide

2020 was an exciting year for sailing enthusiasts, with a variety of catamarans taking to the seas, showcasing innovation and luxury. Amongst them, a few stood out for their performance, comfort, and design. This article delves into the best sailing catamaran of 2020, based on expert reviews, user experiences, and competitive features.

Understanding Catamarans

Before diving into the best catamarans of 2020, let’s clarify what a sailing catamaran is. A catamaran is a type of multihull boat that consists of two parallel hulls of equal size. This design offers greater stability and speed compared to traditional monohull sailboats. Catamarans are popular for both leisure cruises and competitive sailing due to their spacious accommodations and efficient design.

Top Sailing Catamaran of 2020

Identifying the best sailing catamaran of 2020 involves looking at several factors such as build quality, sailing performance, onboard comfort, and innovative features. With various models released each year, it might be challenging to select just one that stands above the rest. However, after thorough research and analysis, one model consistently receives high praise: the Lagoon 42.

The Lagoon 42 is recognized for its balance of comfort, space, and performance. This catamaran features a sleek, modern design with large windows and an open cockpit that promotes a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience. With a user-friendly rigging system, the Lagoon 42 allows for easy handling and is well-suited for both novice sailors and seasoned skippers.

Comfort and Livability

The comfort offered aboard the Lagoon 42 ranks it high among the best sailing catamarans. It comes with expansive living areas, multiple cabins that exude luxury, and a well-equipped galley, making it an ideal choice for extended voyages or liveaboard lifestyle.

Performance and Innovation

In terms of performance, the Lagoon 42 boasts a powerful sail plan and efficient hulls that allow it to glide effortlessly through the water. Its advanced technology and design elements contribute to outstanding maneuverability and speed, making it a favorite in competitive racing as well.

FAQs about the Best Sailing Catamaran of 2020

Q: Why is the Lagoon 42 considered the best catamaran of 2020?
A: The Lagoon 42 leads its category due to its exceptional balance of comfort, space, and performance. It offers a luxurious onboard experience alongside innovative design features that enhance its sailing capabilities.

Q: Is the Lagoon 42 suitable for beginners?
A: Yes, one of the benefits of the Lagoon 42 is its user-friendly rigging system, making it approachable for those new to sailing while still satisfying experienced sailors with its capabilities.

Q: Can I live aboard a Lagoon 42?
A: Absolutely. The Lagoon 42 has ample space, comfort amenities, and storage solutions, making it perfectly suitable for the liveaboard lifestyle.

Q: What makes a catamaran better than a monohull boat?
A: Catamarans offer more stability, living space, and often better performance over comparable monohulls due to their dual-hull design. They are generally faster and have less heeling, which can make for a more comfortable sailing experience.


The search for the best sailing catamaran of 2020 may yield different contenders, but the Lagoon 42 emerges as a top choice for its comprehensive qualities that combine luxury, innovation, and performance. It represents the epitome of sailing excellence in 2020, providing sailors and cruisers with an unforgettable sailing experience.

Remember to check out for more information on the Lagoon series and the 42 model’s specifications and features.

Please note that the information provided here is primarily based on reporting, expert opinions, and market analysis from the sailing industry. Direct product experience and firsthand testing would provide additional insights into the performance and quality of the Lagoon 42 and other catamaran models from 2020.

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