A copper dagger found in Poland, which is more than four thousand years old

A copper dagger more than four thousand years old was found in Poland

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Copper dagger

Archaeologists identified the artifact as extremely rare. The ancient weapon was made of copper and had a length of just over 10.5 cm.

A copper dagger, more than 4,000 years old, was found in a forest near the town of Jarosław on the San River in southeastern Poland. This is reported by Arkeonews.

The artifact, which was identified as extremely rare, was made of copper and was just over 10.5 centimeters long. The value of the find is due to the fact that, according to scientists, in the 3rd millennium BC, copper objects were extremely rare in this area.

According to archaeologist Dr. Marcin Burghardt from the Yaroslav Museum, the dagger found in Korzhenitsa can be dated to the second half of the 3rd millennium BC.

"In the Polish lands, this is a period of huge changes, connected, in particular, with a change in the main raw materials for the production of tools. Instead of flint tools, which were widely used in the Stone Age, more and more metal products appear, which heralds the transition to the next period – the Bronze Age," he said.

However, the discovered dagger was not cast from bronze, but made from copper.

"Therefore, this preceded the development of bronze metallurgy. In the 3rd millennium BC, objects made of copper were extremely rare, so only people of the highest social status could afford them. There is no doubt that the dagger is not a local product," added the doctor Elzhbeta Sieradzka-Burgardt, archaeologist from the Yaroslavl Museum.

During this period, metal products were imported from modern Ukraine or Hungary and were available only to the elite. The connection with the origin of ancient weapons will be determined in the future with the help of special metallurgical analysis.

Earlier it was reported that Polish archaeologists discovered a medieval ornament in the shape of a dove with the Latin inscription: "AMOR VINCIT OMNIA" – "Love conquers all."

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