A prosthesis has been created that helps to feel temperature and touch

Researchers note that this prosthesis not only performs useful functions, but also improves the quality of life of people with amputated limbs, enabling them to interact more naturally with the environment.

Engineers have created a prosthesis that helps to feel temperature and touch. Live Science writes about it.

This achievement was made possible by a small sensor. It transmits the changes directly to the patient's central nervous system, where they are interpreted by the brain as sensations in the absent arm.

Fabrizio, a 57-year-old Italian who was the first to receive the new device, successfully tested its ability to determine temperature.

He was able to distinguish the temperature of objects and even performed tasks with metal cubes of different temperatures faster using a prosthesis.

In additional blindfold tests, he was able to distinguish between a human hand and a prosthetic hand simply by touching them.

We will remind you that in Ukraine the prosthetics procedure has been simplified.

The procedure for providing Ukrainians with means of rehabilitation has been improved

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