Stone tools, which are about 1.4 million years old, were found in Ukraine

Stone tools about 1.4 million years old were found in Ukraine

Photo: Roman Garba

Archaeologists claim that these tools are the oldest in Europe

Thanks to this find, scientists were able to confirm the theory of migration of different species of Homo erectus.

In western Ukraine, archaeologists have found stone tools that are about 1.4 million years old. They are the oldest known artefacts in Europe made by ancient people. This is reported by Nature.

In particular, the results of the study confirm the theory that representatives of the species Homo erectus entered Europe from the east and spread westward, probably along the Danube river valleys.

"Until now, there was no strong evidence of east-west migration. Now we have it," said study co-author Roman Garba, an archaeologist from the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague.

The tools were found in the 1980s in the Ukrainian village of Korolevo near the border with Romania, but no one could date them precisely.

Archaeologists from the Czech Academy of Sciences used a dating method based on cosmogenic nuclides, which helps determine how long ago the mineral was buried. The team estimated that the tools must be 1.4 million years old.

Until now, the oldest precisely dated evidence of the existence of human ancestors in Europe were fossils and stone tools found in Spain and France. Both are between 1.1 and 1.2 million years old.

The dating of the Korolevo tools leads researchers to suggest that the human ancestors who made them were the only archaic people who lived outside of Africa around 1.4 million years ago.

However, in the oldest layer of sedimentary deposits in the Ukrainian settlement, there are no fossilized human remains, so it is impossible to say for sure that the tools were made by Homo erectus.

Earlier it was reported that in a Neolithic settlement in Turkey, archaeologists discovered bread that is about 8,600 years old.

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