For the first time, the mating of humpback whales was caught on camera. Both males

For the first time, the mating of humpback whales was caught on camera. Both males

Photo: Lyle Krannichfeld, Brandi Romano

A pair of male humpback whales,

A unique incident occurred during research by scientists near the island of Maui in Hawaii. They managed to see same-sex love between male humpback whales.

Two photographers captured the mating of humpback whales off the coast of Maui. This is reported by Science Alert.

However, the pictures raised new questions for scientists about the sexual behavior of these animals. After all, both whales were adult males.

According to the scientists, one of the whales they saw was not looking good. He was emaciated, covered in lice, and had significant trauma to his lower jaw, possibly from a ship impact.

The second seemed to be in excellent physical shape. He repeatedly swam up to his unhealthy companion, holding him in place with his pectoral fins, and repeatedly penetrated the genital slit – the opening where the penis usually hides.

Scientists suggest that one of the reasons for such behavior may be the strengthening of social ties with a sick friend. But there are less benign explanations. The second whale may have been trying to assert its dominance over the weaker male or to show itself to be larger and physically stronger than him.

Lyle Krannichfeld, Brandi Romano

It was previously reported that in the Antarctic, Ukrainian scientists from the Akademik Vernadskyi station began using drones to study humpback whales.

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